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What is A Doula?
A Doula is usually a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to women throughout pregnancy, labour and after the birth.

The word 'Doula' comes from the Greek word meaning 'A woman who gives another woman help and assistance'.

A birth Doula is a professional, non medical labour assistance, whose role is to comfort the mother and father during birth, act as a liaison between the hospital staff and their birth family, and provide one-one care that the hospital staff, midwife or doctor may be unable to provide.

A post natal Doula cares for the mother and infant after the birth. Their role is to support the mother, which may include light housekeeping, care for younger siblings, helping her to establish breastfeeding and answering her questions and talking about the birth or any anxieties the mother may have. The post natal Doula may visit for several hours every day for six weeks, or only a few hours every other day, all depending on the mother's needs.

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